How can I become a registered member ?

You can become a member by registering in our website whose link is given in our website's topmost portion under the caption "REGISTER !" or by Clicking here.

How can I do shopping ?

You can start your shopping by either becoming our member and then logging in using your e-mail id and password you have chosen for it. Once you have logged in, you can do your shopping. OR you can fill our order form with all your details and products list you wish to buy.

When do I have to pay & how ?

Payment will be done after you receive your products that you have ordered. Then you will have to pay to our delivery person. The mode of the payment will be in CASH only.

Do you provide any kind of bill upon payment ?

Yes, we do. Upon receiving payment we provide a payment invoice containing details of the products you ordered along with the quantity and their prices.

What is the delivery duration ?

Your order will be delivered to you within 24 hrs and for non-veg delivery you have to place order before our specified delivery days only (Non-veg items are available on specified days only).

How can I know about special offers ?

To know about our special offers, you can visit our website's home page, towards bottom left side all our special offers will be displayed or you can Click here to visit our special offers page directly or you can Subscribe to our News FEED which will periodically deliver you any updates about special offers or specific service launch directly to your mail inbox. You can also unsubscribe it at any time you wish.

What if I lose my password or want to change my contact info ?

For the time being, you can fill our Contact Form with all your details and we will take care of it. You will have your change reflected within 24 hrs & all the updated details will be mailed to your inbox. Very soon you will have the flexibility to change any info you have provided. OR  You can use forgot password option and follow the instruction.

What if my e-mail or any other contact info got shared ?

Rest assured your e-mail or other contact info will never be shared at all either with members or with other sites. Your info will always remain confidential. And you will not receive any newsletter or mails from us unless & until you subscibe.

Will there be any refund in case some of the items are not good ?

Depends on the nature of the defect. First of all, you will not be provided any bad conditioned products. But if the product is already in a bad shape (some are sealed and we can't test them until we buy them) then we can't help it. But in case your item/product got damaged due to our transportation problems or for any other reasons for which we are responsible, then your money will be fully refunded or won’t be charged! But you have to inform within 20 minutes of delivery.

Whom and How to contact in case I face some other problems ?

You can call our customer support at any time at the contact numbers given in our Contact page or you can mail us at the e-mail address given on the same page or you can fill our form. We will get to you as soon as possible. We are available for any query during the working hours.